We have over 25 years experience hunting meriam and rio turkeys in Eastern Washington and Idaho. Most hunts are with a shotgun, we can accommodate archery hunters. We will provide meals and lodging. You will need to bring personal gear, bed roll, and weapon (a more detailed list will be given upon booking). Hunts are 3 days. If you are flying, we can arrange to pick you up and drop you off at the airport for an extra fee.

Hunting turkeys is quite the experience. Just how a bull elk can come in bugling, male turkeys (Toms) come in gobbling and strutting their stuff.  We have taken clients of every age to hunt turkeys. The day begins about an hour before sunrise, we like to be in our selected area and set up, ready and prepared just as the sun peaks. We will take a break around noon, and finish the day with an evening hunt.​

In Washington State you are allowed to take 3 bearded  turkeys, one of which needs to be an eastern.

General season in Idaho is from April 15th to May 25th, no more than 2 bearded toms in the spring.

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