WHAT TO EXPECT: All elk hunts are 7days. Guided or non-guided, you will arrive on the first day and ride into camp (do not expect to hunt on the first day), hunt the next 5 days, and then pack out and leave on the 7th day.

GUIDED: Meals, and lodging are provided. All we ask is for you to bring your bed roll, personal gear, and weapon. (more detailed list of what to bring will be given upon booking). If animal is harvested we will take care of cleaning it and packing it out to the local freezer. To start the trip, you will pack in between 4-12 miles all on horseback. Then when hunting you will either take the horses out of camp or walk. Please be physically prepared to walk 3-5 miles per day.

UNGUIDED (DIY): You will be responsible to bring all your own food, map, bed roll, and weapon (a more detailed list of what to bring will be given upon booking). We will provide a fully functional kitchen as well as cots. There will be no horses left for your use in camp. Although we will have someone checking in with you and your party every other day. Once you do harvest an elk, we ask that you bring it to the closest trail, where we will then pack it out and take it to the local freezer.

Please click HERE to go to the Idaho State Fish and Game Website for all hunting dates and seasons


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