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​IDAHO: Deer hunting in Northern Idaho can be a real adventure. We hunt deer in Units 7, 9 and 10. The upper St. Joe River is known for its majestic whitetail and mule deer. We hunt these animals mostly on foot and some horse back, depending on the terrain. To be able to hunt deer in this area you should be in good physical condition due to the rugged terrain. We use the 'spot and stalk' method, and will most likely go where horses might not be able to get into.

WHAT TO EXPECT: These hunts are a 7 day trip, arrive on the first day, hunt the next 5, and then leave on the 7th day. This hunt has full accommodations. Depending on what we see when we scout during the summer, decides on where camp will be. We could be staying at our base camp, which you can drive to and then hunt off of foot or horseback. Or stay in one of our backcountry camps that are up to 12 miles in on horseback. Either one, you will need to bring your personal gear, bed roll and choice of firearm. (a more detailed list will be given upon booking).

EASTERN WASHIINGTON: The deer hunting in Eastern Washington has always been exceptional whether you want to hunt whitetail or mule deer, you are experienced or a first time hunter, we can accommodate your needs. We have over 30 years experience hunting and guiding in Eastern Washington. Our mule deer consists of rolling hills of wheat fields, timber and open draws. Whitetail hunts consist of hunting out of a tree stand, however some of the late hunts in the rut are spot and stalk.

NOTE: Washington State does not have a selected seasons, meaning you can not over lap seasons. You can hunt rifle, archery, or muzzleloader.

WHAT TO EXPECT: These hunts are a 7 day trip, arrive on the first day, hunt the next 5, and then leave on the 7th day. We provide full accommodations. You will need to bring personal gear, a bed roll, and your weapon (a more detailed list will be given upon booking). Every day will we drive to the property where we will hunt and then set out on foot.