"Our Family. Our Passion. Our Life."

Bitterroot Mountain Outfitters, Inc.

About Us

Dennis Brookshire, owner-operator of Bitterroot Mountain Outfitters, Inc. has been in the outfitting business for over 30 years. Born and raised in Elk, Wa. he has been an outdoor enthusiast all his life. He was hired in 1988 by an outfitter on the breaks of the Salmon River to guide hunters and fell in love with taking people on a once in a lifetime experience. Continuing to hunt in Washington, Idaho and Northern Alaska,  he decided in 1995 to start up Big River Outfitters Hunting and Fishing in Washington State, where he guided mule deer, white tail, moose, elk and turkey hunts. It was very exciting to see the outfitting business grow.

In 2010, a chance to buy an outfitting business in Idaho came his way. We were given the opportunity of a lifetime to buy Bitterroot Mountain Outfitters in Units 7,9 and 10.
The back country mountain peaks and rivers of the Bitterroot Mountains is now our home. It has been a pure joy to experience this vast and untouched land. There are no roads and no landing strips, which makes this the largest roadless area of Northern Panhandle.
From our guides and camp jacks, all the way to our kitchen staff, we encourage you to come and enjoy this beautiful backcountry with Bitterroot Mountain Outfitters, Inc.!